Monday, September 14, 2015

Time-saving hacks impatient people use to maximize every minute

(BPT) - Do you routinely honk at the car in front of you, pass slow walkers on a sidewalk or press an already illuminated elevator button in hopes of getting to your destination sooner? If so, you’re not alone.
The hectic nature of modern life means more people are impatient to squeeze the most out of every minute.

There's no need to feel impatient when you use the Fifth Third mobile app to deposit checks by taking a picture on your smartphone.
In fact, this impatience is causing us to do some pretty ridiculous things. For example, more than half of Americans admit to honking after the light turns green; a majority will wait 10 seconds or less before passing a slow walker on the sidewalk; and 72 percent of Gen Yers admit to pushing an already-lit elevator button, according to a Fifth Third Bank survey. Perhaps the most embarrassing finding is that 96 percent of Americans admit to consuming hot foods or beverages that they know will burn their mouth!

These results underscore America’s need for speed in everyday tasks. When impatience is paired with proactive strategy, it can be simple to save time on mundane to-dos without burning yourself (literally) in the process. Consider some of the most effective life hacks that impatient people use to cut time and keep life moving as quickly possible:


Driving, waiting in line, filling out forms – daily banking can be time-consuming. Instead, look for a bank that simplifies frequent banking activities. For example, the new Fifth Third mobile app eliminates unnecessary steps to help you save time. Have a check to deposit? With the App, Tap, Deposit feature, just take a photo of a check to be deposited. Need to check your balance? The Now Balance feature lets you check your balances without signing in simply by swiping to the left on the login screen.


Bills are a fact of life. No one wants them, but everyone has them – and paying them shouldn’t be a pain. Save time by setting up automatic bill pay for all regular monthly bills, such as your cellphone, cable or mortgage. Use the Fifth Third mobile app to set up a new bill payee and pay bills from your phone. Bonus: You save money on stamps. For more information, visit


Traffic is the ultimate enemy of the impatient person. To make sure you spend as little time on the road as necessary, before heading out you should always check your route for accidents and weather conditions. Know alternatives and use them when necessary. If you can adjust your schedule to avoid rush hour, do so. If public transportation is faster, check out your options. If you have kids, implement a car-pool group so you only have to drive them to soccer or band practice just once a week, rather than daily.


Email is a necessity of personal and professional life, but it can be a time drain if you’re checking it constantly. Instead of always having email open and answering as soon as one comes through, dedicate time throughout the day for responding in batches. Then, turn it off so you can focus on other tasks rather than always being disrupted when a new alert pops up. Your productivity will soar.

Morning routine

Getting out the door in the morning can be frustrating, whether you have children or not. Streamline the early hours and prevent the chaotic flurry of activity by planning outfits and breakfast the night prior. Then, make the most of commuting time. Listen to talk radio to catch up on the news, use your wireless headset to check voicemail, or pop in an audio book to catch up on the latest career book your boss recommended. Multitasking in this manner saves loads of time.

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